coolfreeze cf-40 manual

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coolfreeze cf-40 manual

Ihre Stromversorgung ub er einen FI-Schalter ab- gesichert ist. Das Gerat ist auch fur d en Betrieb auf Booten geeignet. Die Kuhlung erfolgt dur ch einen wartungsfreien Kuhlkreis- lauf mit Kompressor. Das Display zeigt fur einige Sekunden die eingestellte Temperatureinheit an. Kuhlbox verriegeln CF-35, CF- 40. Ziehen Sie vor jeder Reinigun g und Pflege den Netzstecker. Geben Sie das Verpack ungsmater ial moglichs t in den entsp re- chenden Recycling-Mull. Keep it in a safe place for f uture reference. If the device is handed ove r to another person, this operating manual must be handed over along with the device. Safety ins truction: Failure to observe this in struction can cause material damage and impair the function of the device. When using the device on boats: If the device is powered by the mains, ensure that the po wer s upply is protected with a ground fault interrupter circuit.The device is also suitable for us e on boa ts. A maintenance-fr ee refrigerant circuit with compressor pro- vides the cooling.Empty the cooler. ? Switch the cooler off. ? Pull out the connection cable. If you do not want to use the cool er fo r a longer period of time. Always pull out the mains plu g before you clean and service the de- vice. Place the packaging material in th e appropriate recycling waste bins wherever possible. Fault Possible cause Suggested remedy Device does not func- tion, LED does not glow. En cas de revente de l’a ppareil, veuillez le transmettre au nouvel acquereur. Toute reparation mal effectuee risque d’entrainer de se rieux dangers. Procede z comme suit. Avant tout nettoyage et entretie n, debranchez la prise secteur. Jetez les em ballages dans les contene urs de dechets recycla- bles prevus a cet effet. En caso de vender o entre gar el aparato a otra persona, entregue tambien estas instrucciones. Las repara ciones realizadas indebidamente puede n dar lugar a situaciones de peligr o considerable.

El display indica durante unos segundos la un idad de tempera- tura ajustada. La pantalla (fig. 3 5, pagina 3) se enciende e indica la tempe- ratura de enfriado actual. I Not a La temperatura indicada se refi ere al ce ntro del compartimiento interior. Antes de realizar cualquier tarea de limpieza y mantenimiento reti- re la clavija d e enchufe. Deseche el material de embala je en el contenedor de recicla je correspondiente. Nel ca so in cui l’apparecchio ven- ga consegnato ad un altro uten te, consegnare anche le relative istruzio- ni.L ’apparecchio e anche adatto per il funzionamento su imbarca- zioni. A questo scopo proceder e come segue. Svuotare il frigorifero. ? Spegnere il frigorifero. ? Estrarre il cavo di allacciamento. Nel caso in cui il frig orifer o non venga utilizza to per un lungo peri- odo di tempo. Prima di ogni lavoro di pulizia e cura estrar re la spina. Raccogliere il materiale di imbal laggio possibilmente negli ap- positi contenitori di riciclaggio. Geef de handleiding bij doorverkoop van het toestel door aan de gebruik er. De koeling gebeurt door ee n onderhoudsvrij koelcircuit met com- pressor. Het display gee ft voor enkele seconden de ingestelde tempera- tuureenheid weer. De accu beschikt bij het uitschakelen door de accumeter niet meer over de volledige laadcapaciteit. Vermijd ve elvuldig starten of het gebrui k van stroomverbruikers zonder lange laa dfasen. Let er altijd op d at de warmte, die bij het gebruik ontstaat, goed af- gevoerd kan wo rden. Let ero p dat de ventilatie sleuven niet wo rden afgedekt. Koelbox vergrendele n CF-35, CF- 40. Laat het verpakkingsmateriaal indien mogelijk recyclen. Giv den til brugeren, hvis du giver apparat et videre.Appa- ratet er ogsa egnet til anvendelse p a bade. Afkolingen foretages me d et vedligeholdelsesfrit kolekredslob med kompressor. Tom koleboksen. ? Sla koleboksen fra. ? Tr?k tilslutningskablet ud. Hvis du ikke vil anvende koleboks en i l?ngere tid: ? Lad laget sta lidt abent.

Bortskaf sa vidt muligt emba llagen sammen med det tilsvarende genbrugsaffald. Spara bruksanvisningen for senare bru k. Overlamna bruksanvisningen till den nya agaren vid ev. Installation pa batar: sorj fo r att stromforsorjningen ar sakrad med en jordfelsb rytare. Den kan aven anva ndas pa batar. Kylningsprocessen sker i en underhallsfrikylkret s med kompressor.Frosta da av kylboxen sa snart som mojligt.Byt ut den trasiga sakringen (bild 7 2, sida 5) mot en ny sak- ring med samma varde (8A 32V). ? Satt ihop kontakten i omvand ordningsfoljd igen. 6.1 1 Byt a ljuskalla. Lamna om mojligt forpackningsma terialet till atervinning. Hvis apparatet selges vider e, ma du sorge for a gi bruksanvisnin- gen videre ogsa. Ved bruk pa bater: Ved nettdrift ma appar atet v?re sikret via en FI-bryter. Kjolingen skjer ve d hjelp av et vedlikeholdsfritt kjole kretslop med kompressor.Lever emballasje til resirkulering sa langt det er mulig. Siina tapauksessa, etta myytte laitteen etee npain, an takaa ohje tallo in edel leen uudelle kayttajalle. Kaytto veneissa: Huolehtikaa verkkokaytossa ehdo ttomasti siita, etta virran syottonne on suojatt u FI-kytkimella. Naytto nayttaa as etetun lam potilayksik on muutaman sekunnin ajan.Vaihda akkuvahdin tila seuraavasti. Vetakaa verkkopistoke irti ennen joka ista puhdistusta tai hoitoa. Vie pakkausmateriaali mahdollis uuksien mukaan vastaavan kierratys jatteen jouk koon. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The cooler will switch back on once the battery has been recharged to the restart voltage level. This reduces the cooling capacity. Defrost the device in good time to avoid this. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Electric CoolerWith a durable construction for use in harsh conditions, its powerful compressor cooling technology ensures dependable refrigeration and freezing while you're on the road.

With an identical footprint to the CF 35, a taller design means the CF 40 offers an increased storage capacity. Special electronics achieve and maintain the desired temperature quickly with little wear and tear on components, extending the CF 40's service life. The low power consumption and three-stage battery protection prevent a dead starter battery, giving users valuable peace of mind while cooling for long periods. Capable of refrigeration or freezing, regardless of high ambient temperatures, you are ensured of a reliable performance wherever you take it. A number of accessories can adapt the CF 40 to your exact needs.In order to help you reach your travel bucket list we have with our determination developed products to make your journey enjoyable and hassle-free. Whether you want to see the Great Barrier Reef, the pyramids of Giza or the spectacular Stonehenge, we will be with you all the way - making your mobile life easy. This fridge is the perfect size for a solo traveler or someone looking to keep their food cold for a weekend on the road. It's surprisingly quiet which I thought would be in issue considering my bed was about 3ft from the fridge. Power draw is minimal and was easily able to run the unit off solar panels. Highly recommend! Initially I considered the icebox conversion units, but there were three problems: 1- loss of an icebox for storage, 2- the installation pain (and they are not known for reliability) 3- the cost. Instead, I purchased a Dometic CF-050. I was able to keep my icebox for storage of dry goods. Installation was a non-issue - I had spave under the Nav. Station, where it fit perfectly. If it needs service, I won't have to play contortionist to troubleshoot the issue. As a bonus, I can keep the unit if I ever sell my boat! The amp draw is low, and it seems to hold temperature well. After 2 years I would do it again! It works as intended. Operation is quiet. Gets beer nice and cold.

I think its got plenty of room for what it is and everything works well with the exception of the lid. The lid and hinge system is really junk. I believe the inefficiency of the lid leads to a lot of wasted energy and power loss as the cold escapes and causes the compressor to kick on quite often even without opening it. Id like to see some better weather stripping or some better seals to keep the cold in. The lid itself is designed to detach, and because of this its super wobbly, and has a tendency to come unattatched when you open the lid and accidentally hit it to one side or the other. It feels cheap and janky overall. The lock is barely that, and also feels very cheap. Its basically just holding the lid from popping open, but i would rather see a design like on other fridges were it has a latch that pulls the lid tight making a nice seal. I place a piece of reflectix bubble insulation between my items and the lid in attempts to keep some cold in, and i also keep a thick blanket on top of the lid to insulate a little. Overall the guts of this cooler have not disappointed.I tried to repair, but to no avail. The problem is the weak lid hinge and latch system. First the tiny plastic piece that latch uses to keep the lid closed broke off. So I had to resort to using a strap to keep the lid closed. Then the little nub of plastic that the lid hinges on broke off. Unfortunately I can't find replacements anywhere in the USA. We I installed it between the front seats of a Honda Odyssey. Great for short or long trips. I've had to take it once to be repaired (a short - needed to be re-soddered). But considering that I pack this in my jeep where it comes everywhere all summer long.I'm very impressed with how it's performed and how reliable it's been. I've used it both as a freezer and a fridge, although it's mostly used as a fridge. My only complaint is that it's a touch small. If I were to get a bigger one, I'd probably go with a 45L one.

Will absolutely buy another Dometic when I decide to get a bigger fridge. And yes I know this reads like a paid ad. It's not. I live in the middle of nowhere in Northern Canada and have just been very very impressed with this so far. I am specifically considering the CF18 and the CFX28.The CF-50 is a single compartment cooler with an interior shelf that sits above the compressor of the cooler. This shelf is usually a few degrees warmer than the larger portion of the cooler, but could get closer to 8-10 degrees warmer in hotter ambient temperatures.I'm currently looking at your CF50 model, is that able to?When both power cables are plugged in, the power supply will always use AC when AC power is present and then switch to DC when AC power is not present.Please submit a support ticket at to have your Bazaarvoice configuration updated to use for structured markup.; Soft-touch digital controls make temperature control easy. Available in eight capacities to suit the group's size and length of your trip. CF40 Scope of delivery. Single Product Description. Electric Cooler Refrigeration technology. Compressor R134a Refrigerant amount T Temperature Range PU (Polyurethane) Grey USB Port. Yes Threaded inserts in base for mounting. No Drain plug. No Interior light. Yes Certificates For more information, go to Dometic, formerly known as Electrolux are one of the worlds leading manufacturers in compression coolboxes and portable refrigeration.CF special electronics: Intelligent, automatic turbo cooler - 3-stage battery protection, set using the digital display - 4-digit display - display readout in Celsius or Fahrenheit - Temperature freely adjustable using the display - Display of current interior temperature - Status and error indication by 2 separate LEDs - memory function saves the last settings. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site.It freezes just fine and fits at the back of the car, no problem.

The service I received from this company was exceptional. Thank you! Two handles on the sides make it easy to move from vehicle to vehicle. Removable power leads also a good point nothing to trip over or catch while moving. The Waeco CoolFreeze CFX 65DZ Cool box is an extremely powerful portable compressor. An exceptionally quiet running portable fridge the Waeco Coolfreeze CF110 Fridge Freezer is a powerful and jumbo capacity portable. Boasting a capacity of 10.5 litres, the Dometic Waeco CoolFreeze CF 11 portable compressor freidge freezer is not only compact and. The perfect portable car fridge freezer. The Dometic Waeco CF16 Portable Coolbox is great for storing fresh food and bottled drinks on. Featuring a stylish and easily portable design alongside a powerful dual cooling system, the Waeco CK40 Hybrid Mobicool Cool Box can be used as. Whether on-road, off-road, on the water or anywhere the Dometic Waeco CFX3 keeps food fresh and drinks cold. The heavy duty Dometic Waeco. Whether on-road, off-road, on the water or anywhere the Dometic Waeco CFX3 keeps food fresh and drinks cold. The heavy duty Dometic Waeco. Fits in those narrow spaces. The Coolfreeze CF26 coobox is the replacement for the well established CDF25 but this portable coolbox freezer now. Whether on-road, off-road, on the water or anywhere the Dometic Waeco CFX3 keeps food fresh and drinks cold. The heavy duty Dometic Waeco. Featuring a handsome, modern design and a fair capacity of 40 litres, the Dometic ACX40 3 Way Portable Camping Fridge is an ideal portable cool box fridge. Whether on-road, off-road, on the water or anywhere the Dometic CFX3 keeps food fresh and drinks cold. The heavy duty Dometic. There have been longer delays due to supplier late shipments. For customers waiting on any delivery see our blog for updates just click HERE. Our phone lines are back but with a limited service.